Foundation Explorer Series - The Rookery

Foundation Explorer Series

The Rookery

Saturday, April 6th @ 10:30am

Friends of the Foundation,

Please join us as we meet SATURDAY, April 6th at The Rookery in Munson... and
bring your binoculars!   (more on this below)

From the Geauga Park District website: 

The Rookery is a 562-acre wooded tract in Munson Township. The Chagrin River, the old Interburban Railroad Junction, and one of Geauga County's largest nesting colonies of great blue heron are all special features of this park. 

From 1899 until 1925, the Cleveland & Eastern Traction Company operated an electric-powered Interurban Railroad that traveled from Cleveland to various points in Geauga County. Located at The Rookery is the "Junction," a wye in the tracks where passengers from the city could either continue Northeast to Chardon or wait for a connecting trolley to Burton or Middlefield. 

In 1968, Cleveland-based TRW, Inc. bought more than 1,000 acres with the intent to build a 54-hole golf course for its employees. By the late 1980s however, the company's focus had changed and the property was sold. 

In April of 1991, Geauga Park District purchased some of the surrounding land and named the property after the large heron rookery. Trails and facilities were later constructed, and the park opened in October 1997. Additional acres were added in 2003.


The Rookery Habitat

Located in an old glacial lakebed, much of this land is considered wetland. Open marshes and swamp forests – enhanced by the work of beavers – are found, as are several abandoned oxbows of the original channel of the Chagrin River.

The property surrounding the Silo Picnic Area is brush land. A beech-maple forest and several red-maple stands provide habitat for a variety of animals, including songbirds such as Wood Thrush and Veery. A large forested preserve protects cold water habitat for a threatened species of native brook trout, introduced by the Ohio Department of Natural Resource’s Division of Wildlife.

Great Blue Herons rest in treetop colonies of a few to several hundred nests. The isolated colony at The Rookery has been in existence for more than 60 years and has had more than 150 active nests. Since herons are apt to abandon eggs or young if disturbed, the heron rookery itself is accessible only during naturalist-led programs.

Bring Your Binoculars!
Each Spring The Rookery is where 5th graders participating in Nature Scopes have their final field trips and graduation. We’ll be talking about this program and sharing some of the tips and tricks the naturalists teach the kids for how to get the most out of your binoculars.

Our approximately 2 mile hike should last about

60 minutes and will take place snow, rain, or shine.

Well-behaved spouses, friends and pets are most welcome.

Feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested in this or future hikes.


The Rookery
10110 Cedar Road
Munson Township
(Munson, OH 44026)

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