The Foundation for Geauga Parks needs your help!

There are a variety of ways you can support the Foundation for Geauga Parks. Because we are a foundation, our primary purpose is to raise money. Check out our Donate page to see some of the ways your dollars can help.

In addition to donating, please consider being a volunteer. Other than a part-time staff person, all of our trustees and committee members are volunteers who give their time and money to help the Foundation be successful.

Here are some of the ways you can help as a volunteer.

  1. Join a committee!
    Have a skill that you want to share? We are always looking for smart, passionate, and hard-working people who believe in our mission and want to help make sure the natural character and quality of life in Geauga County remain great. Marketing, grant writing, accounting, finance, and education are some of the areas that have immediate and ongoing needs.
  2. Help us network!
    We are most successful when we get the word out person to person and face to face. Do you know someone who cares about Geauga County's natural character? Help connect them to us.
  3. Fundraise!
    Foundations raise money. The more people who can help us raise dollars, the more good we can do for our community. Talk to us about some of the ways you can help engage donors new and old.
  4. Work an event!
    We often need volunteers to staff tables and engage with the public at events like Geauga Park District's Caveman Crawl.
  5. Give us a call!
    Have an idea for a way you might be able to help the Foundation? Let us know. We are happy to talk, meet for coffee, or just connect with new friends.

Dchew 100918 4142

Help preserve Geauga County's parks for future generations.

We strive to preserve and conserve the green spaces found in our community and want to act as a catalyst for the parks.