Current Project

Pollinator Project

The Pollinator Program was initiated by the Foundation in 2019 as a means to promote education about the importance of protecting  pollinator habitats. 

Pollinators like birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and small mammals that pollinate plants are responsible for sustaining approximately 1/3 of our food sources and our planet’s ecosystems. Countless studies have confirmed that pollinators around the world are facing threats from habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation. As native vegetation is replaced by roads, lawns, non-native gardens, and threatened by chemical pesticides and invasive species, pollinators lose the food and nesting sites that are necessary for their survival. We can help stem these losses.

With support from the Cleveland Foundation Lake-Geauga Fund, the Foundation for Geauga Parks is leading a team of collaborators in an initiative to promote and protect native pollinators and their habitats. FGP is forming a campaign cabinet and educational advisory team. Contact us using the tab at the bottom of the page if you wish to be part of the initiative.

The Pollinator Garden Pilot Program goals are:
• Establishing one or more demonstration gardens
• Creating educational materials and signage
• Equipping our local citizens with the knowledge to protect
pollinators in their own neighborhoods.

Ways you may help:
• Plant for pollinators
• Create habitat for pollinators
• Reduce or eliminate use of pesticides
• Conserve natural resources
• Support local beekeepers and farmers
• Inform and inspire others
• Donate to the FGP Pollinator Program fund

One Big Step

The phase one Pollinator Garden and Nature Play Area is now open. See photos from our grand opening event.

During 2020 and 2021, the Foundation for Geauga Parks worked in collaboration with Geauga Park District to create a demonstration garden in Frohring Meadows, one of the district's signature properties.  Together we contracted with DERU Landscape Architecture to create a plan for a pollinator "Play" Garden where kids of all ages can learn about the benefits of protecting pollinator habitats, while providing hands-on activities to engage with nature. 

To help underwrite this project and future gardens around the community, FGP is accepting donations in support of the Pollinator Garden Program. To make a donation, select Pollinator Program in the box marked "My donation is for" on the FGP donation form.