The Foundation for Geauga Parks encourages organizations to apply for grants that are in line with our mission statement. Grants are reviewed as needed on a case by case basis.

  • Grants must be for projects within Geauga County
  • Grants should directly reflect and support the Foundation's mission (below)     
  • Grants are reviewed as received     
  • To submit a grant, please navigate to the 'contact' page and submit an inquiry. We will respond with grant forms on request.

Foundation for Geauga Parks Mission:

The Foundation for Geauga Parks is an independent, non-profit organization created to raise money to fund community engagement with nature through education, preservation, conservation, and appreciation of the unique natural character of Geauga County.

We strive to preserve and conserve the green spaces.

We want to act as a catalyst for the parks.

Grant Inquiries

Applicant Details

Project Details

Provide a brief description of your project in 100 words or less.
Provide an overview of your project goals in 200 words or less.
Include any opportunities for matching funds.
Outline any expect project outcomes in 200 words or less.