Geauga Skywatchers Club

The Foundation for Geauga Parks is excited to announce our involvement in the brand new Geauga Skywatchers Club, an astronomy club founded by a collaboration of organizations interested in promoting scientific thinking to the young and young-at-heart through the study and practice of astronomy.

Thanks to the generous supporters, telescopes are now available for check-out from all Geauga County public libraries.

The club hosts monthly meetings at libraries and Geauga parks. Activities will be designed for grades 6 through 12, but interested adults are also welcome to participate. Many local experts and their sophisticated equipment are on board to help teach the wonders of the universe while honing skills in mathematics, engineering, optics, observing, reason and critical thinking, to help bright minds shine with the light of new knowledge, and inspire the next generation of working scientists by “Looking Up!”

For details about club meetings or borrowing a telescope, check partner websites.